metadata Property


Gets the metadata associated with this object.

Object.defineProperty(AnnObject.prototype, 'metadata', 
	get: function() 
metadata: { [key: string]: string }; // read-only 

Property Value

A dictionary of (String, String) that contains the generic metadata associated with this object. The default value is a dictionary with the items described in the remarks section.


The object metadata can be used to store any generic values associated with an annotation object. By default, the AnnObject will create a dictionary with the following keys/values and set it in Metadata:

Key Value
"Subject" Empty
"Author" Empty
"Modified" Empty
"Title" Empty
"Content" Empty
"Created" Empty

The metadata are saved and loaded as is by AnnCodecs to/from annotation files or streams.

Currently, the metadata is not used by the LEADTOOLS annotation toolkit for any special purposes. It is a user-defined field.

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