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AnnContainerMapper Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property burnScaleFactor Gets or sets a scale factor that will be used when burning annotations.
Public Property calibrationScale Current calibration scale value.
Public Property calibrationUnit The default unit of measure to use when creating new ruler objects in the container after calibration has been performed.
Public Property deviceDpiX Gets or sets the horizontal device resolution (DPI).
Public Property deviceDpiY Gets or sets the vertical device resolution (DPI).
Public Property fontRelativeToDevice Gets or sets a value that indicate whether font size is relative to the device (screen).
Public Property fontRelativeToImageDpi Gets or sets a value that determines whether to take image dpi into consideration when calculting font size.
Public Property ignoreDpiScale For internal use by LEADTOOLS.
Public Property offset Gets or sets the offset of this AnnContainerMapper.
Public Property scrollOffset Gets or sets the current scroll offset for this AnnContainerMapper.
Public Property sourceDpiX Gets the horizontal source (screen) resolution (DPI).
Public Property sourceDpiY Gets the vertical source (screen) resolution (DPI).
Public Property targetDpiX Gets the horizontal target (image) resolution (DPI).
Public Property targetDpiY Gets the vertical target (image) resolution (DPI).
Public Property transform Gets the current transform.

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