id Property


Gets the ID of this AnnObject.

Object.defineProperty(AnnObject.prototype, 'id', 
	get: function() 
id: number; // read-only 

Property Value

The ID of this AnnObject.


The Id indicates the type of the annotation object. Possible values are: This property is used to identity this object type. For example, the AnnRectangleObject will set its ID to RectangleObjectId while AnnTextObject will set its ID to TextObjectId. The ID is used by other parts of the annotations framework to identify object types, for example, in the automation toolkit, the ID is used as the current object type to draw. When deriving your own class from AnnObject, you must call override this method to return a unique ID for your object type. For more information, refer to Implementing User-Defined Objects With LEADTOOLS Annotations.

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