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AnnTextPointerObject Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property fixedPointer Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the pointer of this AnnTextPointerObject object is fixed.
Public Property friendlyName Gets the friendly name for AnnTextPointerObject.
Public Property kneeLength The distance between the pointer's starting point and its knee point.
Public Property pointerKnee The position of this AnnTextPointerObject object's pointer knee point.
Public Property pointerPosition Gets or sets the position of this AnnTextPointerObject object's pointer.
Public Property pointerStart The position of this AnnTextPointerObject object's pointer starting point.
Public Property pointerStyle Value indicating the line ending style of a text pointer line.
Public Property showArrow Indicates whether to show an arrow at the end of the pointer.
Public Property useKnee Value indicating whether to add a knee point to the pointer line.

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