smartMetricMaximumUnit Property


Gets or sets the maximum AnnUnit to use when using smart Metric units.

Object.defineProperty(AnnUnitConverter.prototype, 'smartMetricMaximumUnit', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
static smartMetricMaximumUnit: AnnUnit; 

Property Value

The maximum AnnUnit to use when using smart Metric units. Default value is AnnUnit.SmartMetric meaning no maximum.


SmartMetricMaximumUnit controls what is the maximum unit to use when representing a smart Metric length value. For example if the length is 1 meter and 10 centimeters, it can be represented in centimeters as 110cm by setting the value of SmartMetricMaximumUnit to AnnUnit.Centimeter. The default value of AnnUnit.SmartMetric means use the default behavior of no maximum and the in the case above, will show 1 meter and 10 centimeters.

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