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AnnSelectionObject Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by AnnSelectionObject.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor static  | Shared in VB AnnSelectionObject Initializes a new AnnSelectionObject class object.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method adjustBounds Recalculates the bounds of this selection object.
Public Method applyProperties Applies the properties of this selection object to its children.
Public Method clone Creates an exact copy of this AnnSelectionObject object.
Public Method create Creates a new instance of AnnSelectionObject.
Public Method getInvalidateRect Gets a LeadRectD object that specifies the current physical rectangle of this AnnObject.
Public Method group Groups all of the AnnObjects in SelectedObjects into an AnnGroupObject.
Public Method lock Overrides Lock
Public Method rotate Rotates the SelectedObjects around a point.
Public Method scale Scales the SelectedObjects by the specified ratios
Public Method translate Translates the SelectedObjects by the specified values.
Public Method ungroup Ungroups the AnnGroupObject.
Public Method unlock Overrides Unlock

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property canRotate Indicates if this object supports rotation.
Public Property friendlyName Gets the friendly name for AnnSelectionObject.
Public Property hitTestInterior Overrides HitTestInterior
Public Property selectedObjects Gets the collection of AnnObjects that this AnnSelectionObject has selected.
Public Property selectionOpacity Gets or sets the selection opacity for AnnSelectionObject.
Public Property supportsBorderStyle Indicates whether AnnSelectionObject supports a border style.
Public Property supportsContent Indicates if this object supports content.
Public Property supportsFill Indicates if this object supports a fill.

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