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GetAnnotationsFileName Method


Path to the file holding the original annotations.

public string GetAnnotationsFileName() 
Public Function GetAnnotationsFileName() As String 
   String^ GetAnnotationsFileName() 
public String getAnnotationsFileName() 

Return Value

The path to the file holding the original annotations.


The document can be loaded with the annotations stored into an external file. This is done through passing the URL to the location of the annotations in the LoadDocumentOptions.AnnotationsUri.

When the DocumentFactory is loading the documents and this value is not null, then depending on the type of the URI, it can be used as is (if the URL has a file scheme) or downloaded to the cache or a temp file (if the URL has any other scheme). and GetAnnotationsFileName can be used to get the path to this file.

If the cache object used do not support direct disk access (external resource), then the annotations data are stored in the cache and can be accessed at any time using GetAnnotationsStream.

For more information, refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Document Library.

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