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DefaultRasterResolution Property


The default resolution to use when loading raster file formats that do not have a resolution.

public static int DefaultRasterResolution { get; set; } 
Public Shared Property DefaultRasterResolution() As Integer 
   static property Int32 DefaultRasterResolution 
      Int32 get() 
      void set(Int32 value) 

Property Value

Resolution to use when loading raster file formats that do not have a resolution. The default value is 96.


Raster file formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP usually have a resolution value stored in the image file itself. Therefore, this property is not used for such files. Instead, the resolution is parsed from the image data and is set in the values described below.

If the raster file does not have a resolution value stored or is set to 0, then the DocumentFactory will use the value of DefaultRasterResolution instead.

DocumentFactory sets this value initially and every time it changes in the CodecsLoadOptions.Resolution value of RasterCodecsTemplate as follows:

DocumentFactory.Options.Load.Resolution = DocumentFactory.DefaultRasterResolution; 

Whether the resolution was read from the file or is not found and the default value is picked, the resolution value will then be used by the following:

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