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DefaultBitsPerPixel Property


Bits per pixel to use when getting the raster image of a page.

public int DefaultBitsPerPixel { get; set; } 
Public Property DefaultBitsPerPixel() As Integer 
   property int DefaultBitsPerPixel 
      int get() 
      void set(int value) 
public int getDefaultBitsPerPixel() 
public void setDefaultBitsPerPixel(int value) 

Property Value

The bits per pixel to use when getting the raster image of a page. This value is determined by the document type.


Document format types such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat do not contain a physical bits per pixel and can be loaded at any value such as 1, 8, 24 or 32 etc. You can use DefaultBitsPerPixel to set the value used when loading such a page as a raster image. The default value is set depending on the RasterCodecs options and the format of the document and is usually set to 24 bits per pixel.

Raster format types such as TIFF, PNG and JPEG have physical size but can also be loaded at any bits per pixel and DefaultBitsPerPixel can also be used to change the value used when loading the raster image of a page. The default value is determined from the original image data.

Note that setting this property to a value will update the same value in each child document.


For an example, refer to DocumentPage.GetImage(resolution).


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