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IsLocal Property


Indicate that this page has been created by the user in this document.

public bool IsLocal { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property IsLocal() As Boolean 
   property bool IsLocal 
      bool get() 
public boolean isLocal() 

Property Value

true if this page has been created by the user in this document; otherwise, false.


The value of IsLocal will be false if the page corresponds to an actual page in the source document. In other words, the value of OriginalPageNumber is not -1 and the page raster or SVG data representation.

The value of IsLocal is set initially to true when the user creates a new page using DocumentPages.CreatePage and adding this page to a document. This value means the page does not have raster or SVG data and the owner document has not been saved into the cache yet. When the owner document is saved into the cache or when the user sets image or SVG data into the page, the value of IsLocal will be set to true.

This value is not saved into the cache (since, saving to the cache automatically renders the page to be "not local" and is currently used by the Document Viewer internally to determine whether to skip rendering the page into the view or thumbnail portion.


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