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IsSvgConversionPreferred Property


Indicates whether SVG conversion is preferred for this page.

public bool IsSvgConversionPreferred {get;} 
Public ReadOnly Property IsSvgConversionPreferred() As Boolean 
   property bool IsSvgConversionPreferred 
      bool get() 

Property Value

true if SVG conversion is preferred with this page; otherwise; false.


This property is used by the DocumentConverter when this document is converted to other document formats.

For most types of documents, the value of IsSvgConversionPreferred will be the same as DocumentImages.IsSvgSupported. In other words, if the document supports SVG, then the SVG engine should be used during conversion.

For certain types of documents, this may not be true, depending on the type of the page. For instance, if the document is PDF with a mix of raster and text pages, the raster pages should be converted using the OCR engine. The value of IsSvgConversionPreferred will be false for all the raster pages and true for all the text pages. Text pages that have an overlay image (saved with the image over text feature) should also be converted using the SVG engine and the value of IsSvgConversionPreferred will be true.


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