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AutoParseLinks Property


Indicates whether to parse links from the text of the pages.

public bool AutoParseLinks { get; set; } 
Public Property AutoParseLinks() As Boolean 
   property bool AutoParseLinks 
      bool get() 
      void set(bool value) 
public boolean getAutoParseLinks() 
public void setAutoParseLinks(boolean value) 

Property Value

true to parse links from the text of the pages; otherwise, false. Default value is true.


The document class supports automatic parsing of two types of links

  • Page links: These are links that are found in the original document and they contain a hot spot area that when clicked, invoke a target; usually, a jump to a different location or page in the document. These links have a value of DocumentLink.LinkType set to DocumentLinkType.TargetPage.

  • Hyperlinks: These are links that are found in the text of each page. The links are parsed when the text is first obtained and they contain the text bounding box, the value of the link (the text itself) and have a value of LinkType set to DocumentLinkType.Value.

The page links are parsed from the original document when DocumentStructure.Parse is called and the value of DocumentStructure.ParsePageLinks is set to true. Any links found are stored inside the page and can be retrieved using DocumentPage.GetLinks.

The hyperlinks are parsed the first time DocumentPage.GetText is called and the value of DocumentText.AutoParseLinks is set to true (the default value). The document object will use the regular expressions stored in LinkPatterns to find any matches in the text of the page with each match added as a link of type DocumentLinkType.Value to the page. These can also be retrieved with DocumentPage.GetLinks after GetText returns.

The link parsing is performed by calling ParseLinks on the page using the regular expressions stored in LinkPatterns.

If the value of AutoParseLinks is false then no automatic parsing for links will occur.

Note that setting this property to a value will update the same value in each child document.


For an example, refer to GetLinks

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