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SaveAttachmentToCache Method


Saves an attachment to the cache.

public static string SaveAttachmentToCache( 
   LoadFromCacheOptions loadOptions, 
   SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions saveOptions 
Public Shared Function SaveAttachmentToCache( 
   ByVal loadOptions As LoadFromCacheOptions, 
   ByVal saveOptions As SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions 
) As String 
   static String^ SaveAttachmentToCache( 
      LoadFromCacheOptions^ loadOptions, 
      SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions^ saveOptions 



Options to identify the owner document. This value cannot be null.


Options to identify and save the attachment. This value cannot be null.

Return Value

The ID of the attachment document saved into the cache if successful; otherwise, null.


Use LEADDocument.SaveAttachmentToCache to save an attachment if the owner document is already loaded as a LEADDocument object. The remarks on this section regarding loadOptions is not used since the owner document is already loaded. However, the remarks regarding saveOptions applies.

Use DocumentFactory.SaveAttachmentToCache to save an attachment if the owner document is not loaded and only its ID is available.

This method works as follows:

  1. The owner document is loaded from the cache using the options set in loadOptions using LoadFromCache. If not successful, null is returned.

  2. The corresponding DocumentAttachment object for SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions.AttachmentNumber of saveOptions is obtained.

If not successful, an exception is thrown.

  1. If the value of DocumentAttachment.DocumentId is not null, it is assumed that the attachment document is already is in the cache and therefore this value is returned directly.

If this value is null or checking if the document in cache fails, then the workflow continues to the next section.

  1. If the attachment is not embedded (the value of DocumentAttachment.IsEmbedded is false), then null is returned.

  2. If the attachment is embedded (the value of DocumentAttachment.IsEmbedded is true), then the attachment data is obtained through DocumentAttachments.CreateAttachmentStream; and if successful, saved (uploaded) into the cache using the options set in SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions.UploadDocumentOptions of saveOptions. The ID of this new document is returned.

For more information, refer to Document Attachments.


For an example, refer to DocumentAttachment and DocumentAttachment.DocumentId.

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