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DocumentDescriptor Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property Attachments Attachments for this document.
Public Property AutoDeleteAttachmentsFromCache Deletes document attachments from the cache when the owner document is removed.
Public Property AutoDeleteFromCache Indicates whether to automatically delete this document from the cache.
Public Property AutoDisposeDocuments Indicates whether to automatically dispose any child documents.
Public Property AutoParseLinks Indicate whether links are parsed automatically.
Public Property AutoSaveToCache Indicates whether to automatically save this document to the cache.
Public Property CacheOptions Cache options.
Public Property DefaultBitsPerPixel Default bits per pixel.
Public Property DefaultPageSize Default page size.
Public Property DefaultResolution Default resolution.
Public Property DocumentId Document ID.
Public Property DocumentType Document type.
Public Property ImagesRecognitionMode Indicates how to treat the image elements encountered in the input SVG page during text extraction.
Public Property IsReadOnly Indicates whether this document is read-only.
Public Property IsResolutionsSupported Indicate whether resolutions are supported.
Public Property IsStructureParsed Indicate whether the structure is parsed.
Public Property IsStructureSupported Indicate whether structure is supported.
Public Property IsSvgSupported Indicate whether SVG is supported.
Public Property IsSvgViewingPreferred Indicate whether SVG viewing is preferred.
Public Property LoadDocumentOptions Load document options.
Public Property MaximumImagePixelSize Maximum image pixel size.
Public Property Metadata Metadata serialized as a string.
Public Property MimeType Mime type of the document.
Public Property Name Document name.
Public Property Pages Pages of this document.
Public Property ParseBookmarks Indicate whether to parse the bookmarks.
Public Property ParsePageLinks Indicate whether to parse the page links.
Public Property RedactionOptions Redaction objects to use with the document.
Public Property TextExtractionMode Text extraction mode.
Public Property ThumbnailPixelSize Thumbnail pixel size.
Public Property UnembedSvgImages Indicate whether to unembed SVG images.
Public Property UserId User ID associated with the LEADDocument.
Public Property ViewOptions Optional initial view options.

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