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SetSvgBackImage Method


Replaces the SVG background image for this page.

public void SetSvgBackImage( 
   RasterImage image 
Public Sub SetSvgBackImage( 
   ByVal image As RasterImage 
   void SetSvgBackImage( 
      RasterImage^ image 
public void setSvgBackImage(RasterImage image) 



New SVG background image to use for this page. This value can be null.


GetSvgBackImage is used to get a raster image that represents contains only the image elements of the SVG document for this page. Not all document types support this method, this depends on the value of DocumentImages.IsSvgSupported.

SetSvgBackImage is used to replace the SVG background image of the page. IsSvgBackImageModified is used to as flag that indicates that the SVG background image of this page has been replaced by the user.

This method works as follows (the "item" is the raster image passed by the user):

  1. If this document does not support SVG (the value of DocumentImages.IsSvgSupported is false), then an exception will be thrown.

  2. This method requires that the owner document uses a cache system (LEADDocument.HasCache is true); otherwise, an exception will be thrown.

  3. If the value of the IsReadOnly property of LEADDocument is true, then the user cannot modify this document and an exception will be thrown.

  4. The SVG background image previously saved for this page are purged from the cache.

  5. image is added to the cache by serializing the RasterImage object. The original object is not disposed and is still owned by the user. If image is null, then a "null" item is added to the cache.

GetSvgBackImage will check the cache first, hence, subsequent calls will return the value set by this method.

The value of IsSvgBackImageModified will be set to true after this method returns.

Refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Document Library for more information.

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