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DeleteFromCache(LoadFromCacheOptions) Method


Deletes a document from the cache.

public static bool DeleteFromCache( 
   LoadFromCacheOptions options 
Public Shared Function DeleteFromCache( 
   ByVal options As LoadFromCacheOptions 
) As Boolean 
   static bool DeleteFromCache( 
      LoadFromCacheOptions^ options 



Options containing the cache and document ID to delete.

Return Value

true if the document was purged successfully from the cache; otherwise, false if the document was not found in the cache.


Use this method to delete a document previously stored in the cache with SaveToCache.

The options parameters must contain the document ID in the LoadFromCacheOptions.DocumentId property and the cache containing it in LoadFromCacheOptions.Cache.

This method can return false if the document has expired and was purged from the cache in another way.

This method can also return false if the document was associated with a user token and the correct value was not passed in options*. Refer to InvalidUserTokenException for more information.

This method works by calling LoadFromCache first. If this succeeds, it will set the value of LEADDocument.AutoDeleteFromCache to true and dispose the document. The document will then remove itself from the cache as usual.

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