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Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Common Medical classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
DicomDataSetItem This is a helper class that is used to sort a stack of DICOM instances.
Class DicomDataSetJson This is a helper class that is used to sort a stack of DICOM instances.
Class DicomSortImageData The DicomSortImageData class contains information about a DICOM image obtained from the data set.
Class DicomSortSeriesManager The DicomSortSeriesManager sorts and groups the given data and provides it to the user for easier and more organized access.
Class DicomSortSeriesStack The DicomSortSeriesStack represents a stack of images.
Class SortDicom Provides methods for sorting a list of DicomDataSetItem items.
Class SortingOperation This class defines sorting criteria to be applied to the result of FilterOperation and reformat operations.This defines the order in which to present the images in each ImageBox.

Enumeration Description
DicomSortCriteria Specifies the cell-sorting criteria that will be used to sort frames.
Enumeration DicomSortSeparationCriteria Enumeration values that specify the criteria used to separate the series into multiple stacks using the Sort method.
Enumeration SortOrder Specifies the direction in which to sort a list of items.
Enumeration SortType Specifies the sort type.

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