DicomSortSeriesManager Class

The DicomSortSeriesManager sorts and groups the given data and provides it to the user for easier and more organized access.
public class DicomSortSeriesManager 
Public Class DicomSortSeriesManager  
            public ref class DicomSortSeriesManager  

The main job for this class is to receive data for each frame, place it in DicomSortImageData objects. It then sorts them, and groups them based on their information. Two lists are output: the Stack list and the Localizer list.

  • The Stack list is a collection of stacks of images. Each image in the stack is sorted based on its actual real world position, (so it's displayed correctly, and makes it easier for the 3D toolkit to create an accurate 3D object).
  • The Localizer list is a collection of localizers. The localizer is a single slice image extracted from the 3D object using an angle different from the angle of the slices used that created the 3D object.

For an example, refer to DicomSortSeriesStack


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