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Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Common Anonymization classes, and delegates.

Class Description
Class AnonymizationKey Provides a way to specify the DICOM file keys to make a given tag unique.
Class Anonymizer Provides support for anonymized DICOM files.
Class BasicProfile Provides macros that conform to the DICOM basic anonymization profile.
Class BeforeTagAnonymizationEventArgs Event that occurs before a DICOM tag is anonymized.
Class CanceledException Occurs when anonymization process is canceled.
Class DicomMacros Provides default DICOM macros to be used with the Anonymizer.
Class ImageSettings Specifies settings to use when inserting images into an anonymized dataset.
Class MacroElement Holds information used during the processing of macros during DICOM dataset anonymization.
Class MacroProcessor<T> Manages the processing of macros.
Class ModifiedAttributesSequenceItem Holds information about modified elements in a DICOM dataset.
Class ProgressEventArgs Event occurs when progress information is updated during the anonymization process.
Class TagMacro Contains information about a tag and the macro associated with it.
Class TagMacroUpdatedEventArgs Event occurs when an existing tag macro is updated.
Delegate Description
Delegate MacroSubstitutionDelegate<T> Provides a delegate type to be used to process a macro.

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