LoadXmlBeforeElementData Class

Data for the LoadXmlBeforeElementCallback delegate.
public class LoadXmlBeforeElementData 
Public Class LoadXmlBeforeElementData  
public ref class LoadXmlBeforeElementData  

A LoadXmlBeforeElementData object is passed to the LoadXmlBeforeElementCallback delegate for each DICOM element is about to be written to the DicomDataSet. The members of LoadXmlBeforeElementData give information about the DICOM element, and can be modified to change the elements and data that are added to the DicomDataSet. The following table identifies which members are information only, and which elements can be changed. Note that if you are using this delegate to read a non-standard LEAD DICOM XML file, you must fill in the non-informational elements.

Member Use
CallbackType information only
Tag can be changed
Vr can be changed
Encoding can be changed
ElementValue can be changed
attributes information only
HasChildElements information only
ElementName information only
DicomDataSet information only
DicomElement information only

For an example, refer to SaveXmlCallback.


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