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HangingProtocolLevel Enumeration


Specifies the access level for a HangingProtocol.

public enum HangingProtocolLevel 
Public Enum HangingProtocolLevel 
public enum class HangingProtocolLevel sealed 
0 Manufacturer

The hanging protocol was provided by the manufacturer, and can be modified only by administrators. All users can access these hanging protocols.

1 Site

The hanging protocol was created at the site. All users with access to the site can access these hanging protocols.

2 UserGroup Only users that with the required group privileges can access this hanging protocol
3 SingleUser

Only administrators and the user that created the hanging protocol can access this hanging protocol.

The Hanging Protocol Storage Information Object Definition (IOD) includes the Hanging Protocol Definition module. The Hanging Protocol Definition module contains the mandatory Hanging Protocol Level (0072,0006), which can be one of the following values: MANUFACTURER SITE USER_GROUP
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