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Read Method

Gets and removes a matching message from Microsoft message queue (MSMQ).
public static object Read( 
   string qName, 
   string version, 
   string messagetype 
Public Shared Function Read(ByVal qName As String, ByVal version As String, ByVal messagetype As String) As Object 
static Object ^Read(String ^qName, String ^version, String ^messagetype); 


qName The messaging queue name, if the queue does not exist it will be created.

version Message specific version, this is useful for later implmentations to keep backward compatibility.

You may query messages using the version number you are interested in.

messagetype Type of the message, this can be anything like "notification" or "updates"...etc.

You may query messages using the version number you are interested in.

Return Value

A serializable object that was originally saved by the sender party, this is user defined and can be anything. An example of this is and object that has file name, id, and a time stamp.


This method will query the Microsoft message queue (MSMQ) for a matching message, and then removes it from the queue. You may query using version number and message type, the returned object will be of the same type it was originally saved given that you have the dependency where that object is defined available in the calling assembly.


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