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GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier() Method


Returns a DICOM Unique Identifier (UID).

public static string GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier() 
Public Shared Function GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier() As String 
   static String^ GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier() 

Return Value

A DICOM Unique Identifier (UID).


A DICOM UID is a character string containing a UID that is used to uniquely identify a wide variety of items. The UID is a series of numeric components separated by the period "." character.

No two calls to the GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier method will return the same UID.

The GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier will always start with the string "1.2.840.114257.1.1", where:

  • 1 identifies ISO.
  • 2 identifies the ISO member body branch.
  • 840 identifies the country code of a specific ISO member body (U.S. for ANSI).
  • 114257 identifies the LEAD Technologies, Inc. organization root as registered by the ISO member body ANSI.

To generate a UID with a different organization root, use the GenerateDicomUniqueIdentifier(string) method.

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