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Leadtools.Dicom.Common.Extensions Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Dicom Common Extensions classes.

Class Description
Class StructuredDisplayImageOptions Options to be used with the GetStructuredDisplayImage method that affect the resulting image representation of a DICOM Structured Display DicomDataSet.
Class DicomExtensions This class is used to provide extension methods to the Leadtools.Dicom classes.
Class DicomUtilities Utilities class
Class ElementAttribute Specifies which element to associate with the object to which this attribute is bound.
Class EnumValueAttribute Specifies a value to be associated with an enumeration.
Class GeneralExtensions General extension methods for a variety of types.
Class IgnoreAttribute Use to mark a property as ignored. If a property is marked as ignored it will be skipped by the Get dataset extension method.
Class LoadJsonAfterElementData Data for the LoadJsonAfterElementCallback delegate.
Class LoadJsonBeforeElementData Data for the LoadJsonBeforeElementCallback delegate.
Class LoadXmlAfterElementData Data for the LoadXmlAfterElementCallback delegate.
Class LoadXmlBeforeElementData Data for the LoadXmlBeforeElementCallback delegate.
Class OrientationManager Provides utility functions for mapping Image Orientation Vectors (which are 'direction cosines') to an orientation axis, or an orientation plane.
Class SaveJsonData Provides data for the SaveJsonCallback delegate.
Class SaveXmlData Provides data for the SaveXmlCallback delegate.
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