25 Projects in 25 Days: Celebrating LEADTOOLS’ Depth of Features and Ease of Use

In July, we started celebrating LEAD’s 25th anniversary with a brief history lesson, some promos and a series of fun fact tweets.

This month, we’re starting another celebration from the programmer’s point of view. For the next 25 days, our Support Engineers will be creating a new project from scratch and showing how easy it is to use LEADTOOLS to accomplish their goal. These examples will explore the many features within LEADTOOLS: OCR, barcode, PDF, forms recognition and processing, document viewing and converting, virtual printing, annotations, DICOM, PACS, image processing, formats, multimedia, HTML5, mobile platforms, and more.

You can follow their progress on our Twitter feed and on our other social media profiles using the #LEAD25 hashtag. Once it’s all done, their sample project will be available for download and we’ll summarize it here on the blog. We’ll also keep a running list of projects on this post as each project is completed.

  1. Directory Word Search for Images and Documents
  2. Region-aware Image Processing and Annotations in Swift
  3. iOS Stacked Image Processing
  4. Video to GIF
  5. DICOM Encapsulated PDF
  6. Multipass Image Processing for Barcode Recognition
  7. Express PACS Import
  8. Zonal OCR REST Service
  9. File Conversion Right-click Shell Extension
  10. Folder Monitor
  11. HTML5 Image Gallery
  12. Capture, DVR and Stream with RTSP
  13. Universal Viewer
  14. OCR Screen Capture
  15. Page Arranger
  16. OCR in Meteor and Bootstrap
  17. Reverse Animated GIF
  18. Receipt Survey Forms Recognition
  19. Integrate OCR into Web Scanning
  20. Compare Images
  21. Convert to PDF Series
  22. Custom Annotations
  23. Scan to PDF Console
  24. Linux OCR, Barcode and Format Conversion Batch Processor
  25. Get Contact Info from Business Card with OCR
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