LEADTOOLS Version 23 is HERE – Overview of What’s New!

Year after year, LEADTOOLS continues to evolve and expand capabilities in order to help developers build better and more powerful apps. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23! This release introduces a multitude of new features including a new Excel API and Excel Web Editor, a redesigned React Medical Web Viewer, and .NET MAUI support throughout the LEADTOOLS product line.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Nearly every facet of the toolkit has been enhanced. Let’s dive right in and talk about what’s new!

NEW LEADTOOLS Excel API and Web Editor

The LEADTOOLS Excel API gives developers the power to load, create, edit, and save Excel sheets programmatically. Built with our award-winning Document SDK Technology, the LEADTOOLS Excel API provides support for a large variety of features including formatting, formula creation, styling, merging, and splitting cells and images.

Alongside our Excel API, we’ve also released a dynamic and user-friendly Excel Web Editor. Designed similar to our Document Editor Control, this full-featured spreadsheet library is easy to integrate into existing HTML/JavaScript applications. Features include:

  • Dynamic data manipulation to easily add, edit, or delete rows and columns
  • Support for multiple worksheets
  • Formulas and functions capabilities including basic mathematical operations, statistical functions, and date/time functions
  • Cell formatting including text size, text color, font, backgrounds, and more
  • Ability to import .XLS and .XLSX and export .XLSX documents

The Excel API works seamlessly with the LEADDocument class so if your application currently uses our Document Viewer you can easily integrate Excel editing into your application via the LEADDocument directly or by loading it and viewing it in the Excel Web Editor.

NEW React Medical Web Viewer

The LEADTOOLS Medical team took customer feedback and built a completely redesigned, brand-new Medical Web Viewer from the ground up! This new React Medical Web Viewer is faster, modular, easier to use, and offers plenty of quality-of-life improvements. The best part? Due to its modular design, developers can more easily integrate individual pieces and features of the demo or the entire feature-set depending on their unique application use case and needs. Here are some key highlights:

  • New modular design gives you the freedom to use the included LEADTOOLS DICOMWeb Service as well as any other DICOMWeb Service or Database so you can plug-in-and-go
  • The ability to use JSON as the input for a super streamlined viewing experience
  • Display medical grayscale and colored images including MRI, CT, Digital X-Ray, and Ultrasound
  • Client-side caching of downloaded image data to increase reload speed and reduce network traffic
  • Multi-Resolution and Tiled Image (MRTI) Support for large images (i.e. 1TB)
  • Comprehensive 3D Volume Rendering
  • Fast, client-side tools such as window-level, series stack, image processing, Hounsfield unit, probe, spy glass, shutter, and Cobb angle
  • DICOM export (with DICOMDIR) with option to anonymize
  • Full cine feature set that includes play, pause, first, previous, forward, backward, and loop, including ability to play multiple Stress Echocardiography datasets
  • Image markup and annotation including Arrow, Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, Ruler, Highlight and Angle
  • Series Stacking, Structured Displays, and DICOM Hanging Protocol

.NET MAUI Support throughout LEADTOOLS

Developers can now elevate their cross-platform development with our seamless integration for .NET MAUI throughout the LEADTOOLS product line. From our unparalleled OCR technology and precise barcode recognition to our comprehensive PDF support, LEADTOOLS caters to a diverse range of project requirements. With .NET MAUI, developers looking to build cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, or Windows are all set with LEADTOOLS. Stay ahead of the curve and harness the future with LEADTOOLS MAUI Support.

NEW PDF Engine

The LEADTOOLS engineers have been hard at work making a brand-new PDF engine! LEADTOOLS PDF will be a lower cost alternative for developers who need PDF support for their applications. For this initial release, LEADTOOLS PDF supports loading, viewing, and saving PDFs, but we will continue to expand its feature set in the coming months. Our advanced PDF features will continue to be available as an add-on and provide the same support that our customers are accustomed to.

Multimedia Updates including New Demos with Speech Recognition

Developers leveraging our Multimedia SDK technology now have the ability to capture video from multiple sources simultaneously while streaming one audio file with the new LEADTOOLS Multi-Capture Video Support. Build powerful video streaming applications for security purposes or to create professional broadcasts with the ability to multi-stream from a wide variety of input sources to capture multiple angles and simultaneous video playback.

We added a new demo utilizing the Multimedia side of the toolkit and our Speech Recognition Engine. This demo takes spoken words from an audio or video file and transcribes them into captions. These captions can then be embedded in the MP4 files as well! The demo shows you just how easy it is for captions to be dynamically generated during real-time playback of a video.

We also released a new online demo featuring our Speech Recognition technology. For this demo, speech recognition is used to pick up incoming audio from a microphone and then update the text directly into a text box for users to edit and copy/paste.

Notable Recognition Engine Enhancements

Last but certainly not least, the enhancements that the LEADTOOLS engineering team have made to the recognition engine are nothing short of fantastic! With the release of V23 we bring you the following updates:

See for yourself – Download V23 today!

V23 is available to download now for FREE with our fully functional 60-day evaluation license. Gain access to our full collection of libraries, free technical support via live chat and email, as well as our extensive documentation and tutorials!

Would you like a walk-through of any of the new features described above? Schedule a demo with one of our technical experts today!


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