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Web Scanning Made Simple with LEADTOOLS

With LEADTOOLS, you are able to easily scan images and documents within a web application from any scanner, digital camera, or TWAIN or SANE-enabled device. The video below shows step-by-step how to scan and display images within our HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Display Images in an Image Viewer

The LEADTOOLS ImageViewer is a cross-platform viewer that provides image display controls for desktop, web, tablet, and phone applications. Not only can this viewer display more than 150 different file formats, it also has a numerous amount of interactive modes … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Split a Multipage Image File Into Separate Files

In a previous post, we shared a tutorial on how to create a multipage file from multiple images. However, sometimes developers are looking to split a multipage file into separate files instead. In an office workspace, there is always something … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Create a Multipage File from Multiple Images

There are many files that exist in the workplace that are multiple pages long. Having the ability to load, split, and extract is a vital need of many applications. Some of the most common multipage file types are: PDF, TIFF, … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Load and Save Images

No matter what task you may come across, imaging projects will always have a requirement to load image files. Images can come in all different containers, compressions, sizes, bits per pixels, and resolutions. Having to worry about supporting all these … Continue reading

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