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Conquer Onboarding Efficiently: Retrieve and Parse Barcode Data

Employee onboarding is the process of getting a new hire set up within your company’s system and ready to go. This usually comes with loads of paperwork for the HR department to fill out, or even type in. I can … Continue reading

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Create Multipage Files Using the Xamarin Camera Control and LEADTOOLS Cloud Services

Within the past half year, LEADTOOLS has had some major releases with the SDK and the Cloud Services. Today, we are going to talk about both the Xamarin Camera Control as well as the Merge Web API. We will be … Continue reading

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History of LEAD’s Cloud Services: Developer Q&A

Following the release of our exciting new Web APIs for LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, I thought we’d take a moment and dive into how these services came about. For this post, I went straight to the lead developer of LEADTOOLS Cloud … Continue reading

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Using LEADTOOLS Cloud Services Web API For OCR, Barcode, and More

LEADTOOLS released a new product to complement its world-renowned and award-winning line of imaging SDKs: LEADTOOLS Cloud Services. This high-powered and scalable Web API gives developers a hassle-free interface for integrating advanced recognition and document conversion into any application. This … Continue reading

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