New Document Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19 Update


Today, we are happy to announce a major update to LEADTOOLS Version 19. Special focus was given to the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging engines, each of which we will cover in a blog post.

First up, let’s take a look at what’s new in the Document Imaging Engine:


  • Faster deskew on high resolution (600DPI and greater) images
  • Memory optimizations for auto zoning algorithm (up to 60%)
  • Improved paragraph, font and zone detection
  • Support for vertical text zones
  • Detect vertical and horizontal table cell direction
  • Text Book option which enhances graphic zone detection through cleaning of noisy texts
  • Memory and speed enhancements for Advantage OCR engine’s Native spell checker
  • Native x64 support for Professional OCR engine
  • Rotation angle support for all engines


  • Improved invoice recognition accuracy

Documents SDK

  • Convert and Save documents with the zero-footprint HTML5 Document Viewer
  • Faster SVG and raster image rendering, thumbnail generation and bookmark extraction in Document Viewer
  • Faster OCR and SVG conversion using multi-threading in the Document Converter
  • Support for ZIP compression in the Document Converter
  • Enhanced output for PDF and Word
  • Support for vertical text zones
  • SVG viewing and conversion support for HTML, RTF and TEXT
  • DOCX and PPTX support for Windows Phone 8.1


  • Faster DirectX rendering engine for WPF and WinRT
  • Fill objects with linear gradient brush
  • Improved clip drawing for objects outside container bounds
  • Draw and edit annotations at the same time
  • Drag and drop for multiple containers
  • Pan and zoom objects while they are still selected
  • Select objects using extended key
  • Advanced text editor for HTML5 annotations
  • RenderedObjectBounds property for calculating real bounds


  • Perspective correction for PDF417 barcode
  • More accurate detection for corrupted barcodes
  • Improved detection of small 1D linear barcodes


  • XMP metadata
  • Read metadata from Office and vector formats

Web Scanning

  • Send and receive user data to scanning service and upload server
  • Customization options for scanning service

Stay tuned to see a list of new features and updates to our Medical Imaging SDKs. To read more about this exciting update, see the official press release!

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