LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Interfaces, Objects, and Codecs

Create professional, high-quality enhanced robustness multimedia applications with the LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK which allows you to:

With the LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK you have a fully enabled development and deployment license for the following interfaces and objects:

API Interfaces

IltmfAudioFormat Interface
IltmfAudioFormats Interface
IltmfCapture Interface
IltmfCaptureInput Interface
IltmfCaptureInputs Interface
IltmfCaptureSize Interface
IltmfCaptureSizes Interface
IltmfCaptureSubType Interface
IltmfCaptureSubTypes Interface
IltmfConvert Interface
IltmfDevice Interface
IltmfDevices Interface
IltmfPlay Interface
IltmfProcessor Interface
IltmfProcessors Interface
IltmfRenderer Interface

IltmfRenderers Interface

IltmfTargetAudioFormat Interface

IltmfTargetAudioFormats Interface

IltmfTargetAudioType Interface

IltmfTargetAudioTypes Interface
IltmfTargetFormat Interface

IltmfTargetFormats Interface

IltmfTargetVideoFormat Interface

IltmfTargetVideoFormats Interface
IltmfTVTuner Interface
IltmfVideoFormat Interface
IltmfVideoFormats Interface

Development License

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK includes a fully enabled development license for many video codecs, audio codecs, conversion transforms, media sinks and media sources  (refer to Transforms And Codecs Included With LEADTOOLS Multimedia).

Evaluation License

In addition, the toolkit includes evaluation versions of many other codecs and Media Foundation transforms (refer to Transforms And Codecs Requiring Additional Deployment Licensing).

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