IltmfCaptureInputs Interface

Sets and retrieves properties on ltmfCaptureInputs objects. This interface is obtained through the parent object's get_VideoInputs member function.

Some video capture devices, like TV Tuners, have audio inputs also. For these devices, the IltmfCaptureInputs interface controls both video and audio input selection. When a video device is selected, a matching list, which contains a video input and its matching audio input, is built, and held internally. For those video devices that don't have audio inputs coupled with video inputs, there is no need to be concerned about matching video and audio inputs.

However, if a video input is selected programmatically using IltmfCaptureInputs::put_Selection, there should be no problem with a non-matching pair of video and audio inputs; the right audio input will be selected automatically.

In addition to the methods inherited from IDispatch, the IltmfCaptureInputs Interface exposes the following functions:








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