URL Syntax

The following list shows the proper URL syntax to use to stream the supported protocols to multimedia players:

Protocol URL Syntax
Adobe Flash RTMP rtmp://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path> Example:rtmp:// RTMP requires files to be in a subfolder. This is normally described as the application. So if you place video files in the root of the Media folder (instead of the VOD subfolder), the URL still requires a subfolder. In this case, you can use "." or "_media_" subfolder. So if sample2.mp4 was in the media folder, you can use one of these two URLs:rtmp:// or rtmp://
Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) http://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/manifest.f4m Example:
Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) http://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/playlist.m3u8 Example:
MPEG-DASH http://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/manifest.mpd Example:
Microsoft Smooth Streaming (SSF) http://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/manifest.mpd Example:
RTSP/RTP rtsp://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path> Example:rtsp://
RTSP/RTP (MPEG-2 transport) rtsp://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/mp2t.sdp Example:rtsp://
RTSP/RTP over HTTP rtsp://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path>/qt.sdp Example:rtsp:// Note: qt.sdp informs the server to adjust the B frame timestamps to avoid jerky playback in quicktime. If your video does not contain B frames, then the qt.sdp can be omitted.
HTML5 Video http://<IP Address>:<Port>/<File Path> Example:

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