Using the Runtime Live Stream Control

The ltmsServer object contains a collection of ltmsLiveStreamControl objects. Through each object's IltmsLiveStreamControl interface the user can query information about the current state of the live stream and dynamically enable/disable the live stream while the server is running. Perform the following steps to use the runtime Live Stream Control:

  1. Call IltmsServer::GetLiveStreamControls to obtain the IltmsLiveStreamControl collection object interface.
  2. Call IltmsLiveStreamControls::get_Count to get the size of the collection.
  3. Call IltmsLiveStreamControls::Item with the index of the control you want. The IltmsLiveStreamControl interface will be returned for that control.
  4. Now it is possible to query various properties as to the state of the corresponding live stream. Many properties are duplicates of the configuration properties assigned through the IltmsLiveStream interface, and are provided for convenience. See the IltmsLiveStreamControl interface for more details.
  5. (Optionally). Call IltmsLiveStreamControl::get_Handle to obtain a unique identifier for the stream. This handle is useful for identifying the stream later in your code, but is not required. Use IltmsLiveStreamControls:Find to search for a control with a specific handle.
  6. To enable or disable the live stream call IltmsLiveStreamControl::put_Enable, which will change the state of the live stream without affecting the state of the server.
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