Media Streaming Installation Directory

The installation procedure creates a directory tree for the LEADTOOLS Media Streaming files, and adds the demonstration programs and online help to your desktop. You specify the root directory during installation.

The following is a list of the subdirectories in the root directory:

Directory Description
Bin Executable files for the demonstration programs.Redistributable files. These are copies of the LEADTOOLS files and other files that you may need to distribute with your application. For detailed information about required files, refer to Files You Must Include With Your Application.
Help Help files.
Media Contains sample Multimedia files.
INCLUDE Header files
LIB Library files
Shortcuts Contains the "LEADTOOLS Help and Demos" shortcuts from the Start menu.
Support Contains the installation and tech support tools and LEADTOOLS runtime license file.


The following demo programs are installed in separate EXAMPLES subdirectories (such as Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\CPP\Server). You can specify the root directory during Installation.

Example Description
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\CPP C++ API examples.
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\DotNet Dotnet C# Examples
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\JS\Server\Config Server Configuration Files
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\JS\Server\Logs Server Log files
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\JS\Server\Media HTML and media files used by the sample servers
Examples\Multimedia\MediaStreaming\JS\Server\Media\vod Media files used by the servers. The sample servers stream the video files stored in this folder. The subfolders of this folder cannot have certain extensions (.mp4, .ism, etc.). See the Media Folder Name Restrictions topic for a complete list of restricted extensions.
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LEADTOOLS Media Streaming C API Help

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