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OcrAutoRecognizeJobData Structure


Contains the data used to create an OCR Auto Recognition job.


public struct OcrAutoRecognizeJobData 
Public Structure OcrAutoRecognizeJobData  
   Inherits System.ValueType 
@interface LTOcrAutoRecognizeJobData : NSObject 
public class OcrAutoRecognizeJobData 
public value class OcrAutoRecognizeJobData : public System.ValueType  


Use this structure to specific the input data for an OCR job. After you create an instance of this structure with the data, you can pass it to IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.CreateJob to create an IOcrAutoRecognizeJob object. You can then use this with the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.RunJob and IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.RunJobAsync methods to run and monitor an OCR job.

This structure contains the following members:

Member Description
ImageFileName and ImageStream

The name of the file or the .NET stream containing the source image. This can be any single or multi-page image file format supported by LEADTOOLS. One of these must not be null. If ImageFileName is not null, then it must contain the name of an existing file on disk.


1-based index of the first page number in ImageFileName or ImageStream to recognize. You can use this and LastPageNumber to recognize only a certain range of pages in the source file. This member must be greater than or equals to 1 (first page in the file).


1-based index of the last page number in ImageFileName or ImageStream to recognize. You can use this and FirstPageNumber to recognize only a certain range of pages in the source file. You can use a value of -1 to indicate "up to last page in the file", otherwise, this member must be a value greater than or equals to FirstPageNumber up to the maximum number of pages in the source file name.


Optional name of prepared multi-page zone file. This member can be a null (Nothing in Visual Basic) reference. When no zone file is specified, the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager will auto detect the zones for each page using IOcrPage.AutoZone.


The output document format. This can be any of the supported DocumentFormat such as PDF, DOC and TEXT. If this member is DocumentFormat.User, then the document saved using the native engine format set in IOcrDocumentManager.EngineFormat if the engine used supports native formats, otherwise an exception will be thrown.


The name of the output document file. When recognition is completed, this file will be created on disk. This member cannot be a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


Optional job name. If tracing is enabled with IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.EnableTrace, then the engine will use this value in the trace messages. If this member is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), then the trace will show the generic [Untitled] name next to the trace messages.


Optional user data associated with the job. You can use this value to store any extra information required by your application. The IOcrAutoRecognizeJob will contain the same object used here in its IOcrAutoRecognizeJob.JobData member.


For an example, refer to RunJob and RunJobAsync.


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