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IOcrAutoRecognizeManager Interface Members


The following tables list the members exposed by IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.

Public Methods

Name Description
AbortAllJobs Aborts all running and pending jobs.
CreateJob Creates a new job.
Run Converts an image file on disk to a document file in the specified document format with optional multiple single zone files.
RunJob Runs a job
RunJobAsync Runs a job asynchronously

Public Properties

Name Description
EnableTrace Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this IOcrAutoRecognizeManager should output debug messages to the standard .NET trace listeners.
IsMultiThreadedSupported Gets a value that indicates whether multi-threading is supported in this IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.
JobErrorMode Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to abort or try to continue running jobs when an error occur.
MaximumPagesBeforeLtd Gets or sets a value that indicate the maximum number of pages to process before using LTD as a temporary format.
MaximumThreadsPerJob Gets or sets a value that indicates the maximum number of threads to use when recognizing a document.
PreprocessPageCommands Gets a list of the auto-preprocess commands to perform on each document page prior to recognition.

Public Events

Name Description
JobCompleted Occurs when a job is completed or aborted.
JobOperation Occurs while a job is running.
JobProgress Occurs when a job is being run to provide progress status and ability to abort.
JobStarted Occurs when a job is about to start.
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