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IOcrEngine Interface Members


The following tables list the members exposed by IOcrEngine.

Public Methods

Name Description
CreatePage Create an IOcrPage from a raster image.
GetErrorCodeString Gets a string description of an engine-specific error code value.
GetLastStatistic Gets the accuracy and timing data of the latest successful recognition process.
Shutdown Shuts down the OCR engine and frees all resources and memory allocated to it.
Startup Starts the OCR engine.

Public Properties

Name Description
AutoRecognizeManager Support for one shot "fire and forget" OCR operations.
DocumentManager Allows you to create new OCR documents that are used to create final documents such as PDF or Microsoft Word from the recognition results.
DocumentWriterInstance Gets the instance of the DocumentWriter object being used inside this IOcrEngine.
EngineType Gets the type of this IOcrEngine.
IsStarted Determines whether this IOcrEngine has been started and is ready to be used.
LanguageManager Provides access to the language environment of the character sets used by this IOcrEngine.
RasterCodecsInstance Gets the instance of the RasterCodecs object being used inside this IOcrEngine.
SettingManager Manages the underlying engine-specific settings of this IOcrEngine.
SpellCheckManager Manages the spell checking subsystem.
WorkDirectory Gets the path to the work directory used by this IOcrEngine to store the engine temporary files.
ZoneManager Provides support for determining the various zone types, recognition modules and fill methods supported by this engine type.
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