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Leadtools.Ocr Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Ocr classes.

Class Description
Class OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobOperation event.
Class OcrAutoRecognizeJobProgressEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobProgress event.
Class OcrAutoRecognizeRunJobEventArgs Contains data for the IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobStarted and IOcrAutoRecognizeManager.JobCompleted events.
Class OcrComponentMissingException Represents the exception that is thrown when trying to use an OCR feature supported but not installed.
Class OcrEngineManager Provides methods to create OCR engine instances.
Class OcrException Represents the exception that is thrown when a runtime error occurs inside the IOcrEngine
Class OcrPageAreaOptions Area of interest options to use with an OCR page.
Class OcrSupportLockedException Represents the exception that is thrown when a support locked runtime error occurs inside the IOcrEngine.
Class OcrTypeManager Helper class to create OCR struct values.
Class OcrWriteXmlOptions Options to use when saving XML data.
Class OcrZoneCell Contains information of a cell in a zone of type OcrZoneType.Table
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