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IOcrTableZoneManager Interface Members


The following tables list the members exposed by IOcrTableZoneManager.

Public Methods

Name Description
AutoDetectCells Detects the cells within a table zone.
GetCellBorderDragLimit Get the moving limits of a cell border.
GetHorizontalSplitters Get the number and position of horizontal splitters in a table zone.
GetPointInformation Gets the cell index and the nearest border for a given point.
GetSupportedCellTypes Gets the cell types supported by this OCR engine.
GetTabulatorPosition Gets the first tabulator position after the given position in a table zone. The tabulator has only a horizontal position.
GetVerticalSplitters Get the number and position of vertical splitters in a table zone.
MergeCells Merges the selected cells if they make up a rectangle.
MoveCellBorder Moves the border of a cell.
SetCellBackgroundColor Sets the background color of a cell inside a given zone.
SplitCells Split the cells in a given area inside a table zone.
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