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Convert Files to PDF on Linux using PHP and LEADTOOLS Cloud Services

Last month we released LEADTOOLS Cloud Services and are continuing the spread the word on this high-powered and scalable Web API that gives developers a hassle-free interface for integrating advanced recognition and document conversion into any application.

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Reading and Writing AAMVA Barcodes on Driver’s Licenses

One highly practical new feature in LEADTOOLS Version 20 is the parsing of AAMVA barcodes. If you’re not familiar, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) created a standard for those barcodes on the back of your driver’s license. … Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Document Viewer and Document Converter Professional Review

We absolutely love hearing from our customers regarding our products. In fact, one of the primary ways LEADTOOLS grows is through the direct feedback, suggestions and feature requests from our customers both with shipping products as well as those mulling … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Stream Video Files to Any Device with LEADOOLS Media Streaming Server

Streaming video is the norm these days. Whether watching a movie or TV show from one of the many services out there, catching a quick laugh or how-to on YouTube, or watching some promotional video on a company’s website, we … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Extend Existing Applications with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK

For July, we have published a white paper on using the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver to extend existing applications. The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver is one of the solutions LEADTOOLS provides┬áto help developers streamline business processes and reduce human error. … Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK – a Third-party Review

Recognition SDK We were recently put in contact with an experienced technical blogger and web developer, Dick Strauss, about exploring the possibility of conducting a product review. He found our product line interesting and something his readers might benefit from. … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Integrating HL7 into Medical Applications with LEADTOOLS

This month, we have published a white paper on the new LEADTOOLS HL7 SDK technology that was added in Version 19. A versatile and popular messaging standard for medical applications, HL7 truly broadens the scope of LEADTOOLS SDKs. Since HL7 … Continue reading

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