PACS Storage Server – The LEADTOOLS Way

There are many factors to consider when developing a PACS solution. You must think about how to support all the various flavors of DICOM Data Sets, implementing DICOM communication and security, designing the UI and database, and let’s not forget about the 4000+ page DICOM specification! You may have a solution or individual components for each of these core requirements, but you are still faced with the daunting task of integrating them into an enterprise solution that can be easily customized for each client.

DICOM PACS Storage Server Screenshot
LEADTOOLS has taken its many years of medical imaging experience, feedback from our customers, and valuable information from our medical industry partners to develop our most versatile and robust PACS solution to date. Instead of building your solution from the ground up using several low level components, LEADTOOLS has done 99% of the development work for you by providing a full-fledged PACS Storage Server application with full access to the source code. Even that may sound intimidating given the thousands of lines of code to sift through, but it has been componentized in such a way that it is easily customizable for any developer.

Sound interesting? Head over to my CodeProject article where I dive into our new PACS Storage Server in more detail. You can also watch a video tutorial produced by our support staff.

Otis Goodwin
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