New White Paper: Extend Existing Applications with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK

For July, we have published a white paper on using the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver to extend existing applications. The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver is one of the solutions LEADTOOLS provides to help developers streamline business processes and reduce human error. Additionally, the Virtual Printer Driver enables developers to connect legacy applications to new systems that reside either on location or in the cloud, even when the existing application does not include an API.

Extend Existing Applications with the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK

A common problem that faces many developers is extending existing applications when changing the underlying source code is not a possibility. As needs and systems change, there has to be a mechanism to add new functionality and maintain efficient workflows for end-users. The LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK is one of several solutions LEADTOOLS provides to overcome this problem.

A Visual Studio console application project written in C# to implement a task printer based on the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer is also available for download: LEADTOOLS V19 Virtual Printer Driver Sample

To run the example, you will need the following:

In addition to the PDF download format, we have also published this white paper on CodeProject.

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