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Extract Barcode Data from an Image Taken Using the LEADTOOLS Xamarin Camera Control

LEADTOOLS latest release included the introduction of the Xamarin Camera Control. This control eliminates the need to write native iOS or Android camera code. Developers can now engineer the camera control into their Xamarin.Forms application with one line of code. … Continue reading

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v19 Mobile App Demos Updated

Mobile OCR App in Action If you’ve been keeping up with us, you are already aware of our recent update to our Android, iOS, and OS X development libraries (if not, go read it!). Shortly after that release, our developers … Continue reading

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Push Mode Support Added to MPEG-2 Transport Stream Demultiplexer

MPEG-2 Transport Stream is a significant feature in our Multimedia offering and covers a wide variety of industries and applications including UAV, digital television, and security. Today, we published an update that includes the ability to use push mode to … Continue reading

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New White Paper: Scan Anything, Anywhere, Any Time

Everybody has a smartphone in their pocket. With today’s technology there is no reason to carry around a smartphone, business card scanner and a receipt scanner; just use the camera on your phone! Scan Anything, Anywhere, Any Time Scan anything, … Continue reading

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