New White Paper: Scan Anything, Anywhere, Any Time

Everybody has a smartphone in their pocket. With today’s technology there is no reason to carry around a smartphone, business card scanner and a receipt scanner; just use the camera on your phone!

Scan Anything, Anywhere, Any Time
Scan anything, anywhere, any time. That is the dream for many people, and today’s technology is making that a reality. Using a camera such as those on smartphones to capture information provides flexibility and can do things that a traditional scanner cannot. With the right image processing tools, a camera can capture receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, large format drawings, periodical pages and of course snapshots of business associates and friends with extremely high quality.

Before telling clients to stop using receipt and business card scanners and exclusively use cameras, developers need to understand the major differences between cameras and scanners as well as the effects of those differences on the captured images.

Read the white paper to learn how to eliminate these differences.

In addition to the PDF download format, we have also published this white paper on CodeProject.


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