Tutorial: Load and Save Images

No matter what task you may come across, imaging projects will always have a requirement to load image files. Images can come in all different containers, compressions, sizes, bits per pixels, and resolutions. Having to worry about supporting all these different things can become a nightmare for a developer. Thankfully, with the LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Simply call a single function and the image can be loaded quickly and efficiently.

Once an image is loaded into memory, it can be processed and then saved back out. LEADTOOLS provides developers complete control over the image save call with support of over 150+ file formats as well as all the different compressions, bits per pixel, and resolutions that might be a project requirement.

It takes less than five lines of code to load and save any of the 150+ LEADTOOLS supported formats. Just use our step-by-step tutorial on how to Load and Save Images.

//Load image
using (var codecs = new RasterCodecs())
	return codecs.Load("PATH TO FILE");

//Save image as JPG
using (var codecs = new RasterCodecs())
	codecs.Save(image, "PATH TO NEW FILE.jpg", RasterImageFormat.Jpeg, 0);

Try it out!

To test this for yourself, make sure to get the latest LEADTOOLS SDK code for free straight from our site if you have not already. This trial is good for 60 days and comes with unlimited chat and email support.


Need help getting this sample up and going? Contact our support team for free technical support! For pricing or licensing questions, you can contact our sales team (sales@leadtools.com) or call us at 704-332-5532.

More post like this are on the way! If you missed our previous post, make sure to check that one out! We’ll be featuring a lot more tutorials that programmers can use to develop applications that will directly impact data capture, recognition, exchange, and other pressing business needs.


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