Working with Pages

An OCR document contains one or more pages. After starting up the OCR document engine, you can begin working with the document page(s). LEADTOOLS provides support for the following when working with OCR pages:

LEADTOOLS OCR Module - OmniPage Engine

Sometimes the orientation of a page needs to be changed to make it more readable. To determine the angle necessary to orient the page, call L_Doc2DetectOrientationDegree / L_Doc2DetectOrientationDegreeExt.


L_Doc2DetectOrientationDegree / L_Doc2DetectOrientationDegreeExt does not perform the orientation, it just obtains the degree of orientation necessary.

Call L_Doc2AutoOrientPage / L_Doc2AutoOrientPageExt to orient the page automatically. This function corrects the rotation of the page and automatically updates the image data.

Two functions can be used to obtain information about one or more pages in the OCR document. To determine the total number of pages in the OCR document, call L_Doc2GetPageCount / L_Doc2GetPageCountExt. To get general information about a specific page, call L_Doc2GetPageInfo / L_Doc2GetPageInfoExt.

Add a page from an image file into the OCR document page list by calling L_Doc2AddPage / L_Doc2AddPageExt. Remove a page from the OCR document page list by calling L_Doc2RemovePage / L_Doc2RemovePageExt.

To enable or disable automatic clean-up of temporary files, call L_Doc2CleanupPages.

L_Doc2ExportPage / L_Doc2ExportPageExt exports a page from the OCR document to a file.

If the bitmap of a page changes, (for example, after an image processing function has been applied), update the page by calling L_Doc2UpdatePage / L_Doc2UpdatePageExt. Before updating the page however, lock the page by calling L_Doc2LockPage / L_Doc2LockPageExt. That ensures no one else can change the data while you are working with it. After updating the bitmap, unlock the page by calling L_Doc2UnlockPage / L_Doc2UnlockPageExt.

To get the general fill method used by the engine, call L_Doc2GetFillMethod / L_Doc2GetFillMethodExt. L_Doc2SetFillMethod / L_Doc2SetFillMethodExt updates the general fill method for the engine.

To get the default fill method for a specific page, call L_Doc2FindDefaultFillMethod / L_Doc2FindDefaultFillMethodExt.

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