Recognizing Multiple Documents

Begin recognizing documents by starting up the engine by calling L_Doc2StartUp. Next, create a settings collection ID by calling L_Doc2CreateSettingsCollection. Now call L_Doc2CreateDocument, which creates a unique document ID for each single document. All document processing is tied to this ID. Call L_Doc2CreateDocument for each document that needs to be created.

Use the document Id created with the extended functions (L_Doc2XXXExt), such as L_Doc2AddPageExt, L_Doc2RecognizeExt, etc. For example, to add a page to a specific document, call L_Doc2AddPageExt and pass the created document ID to it. To find zones for one or more pages of a specific document, pass its document ID to L_Doc2FindZonesExt. To recognize a specific document, pass its document ID to L_Doc2RecognizeExt. Save recognition results for a specific document by passing its document ID to L_Doc2SaveResultsToFileExt.

After document processing is complete, destroy the document ID by calling L_Doc2DestroyDocument, which destroys the settings collection that activated this document. Then shut down the engine by calling L_Doc2ShutDown. At this point the OCR document handle becomes invalid.

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