#include "ltdoc2.h"

L_LTDOC2_API L_INT L_Doc2SetRecognizedCharactersExt(hDoc, nDocId, nPageIndex, pRecogChars, lCharsCount)

Updates the recognized characters for specific recognized page.


L_HDOC2 hDoc

Handle to the OCR document.

L_INT nDocId

Document ID created by calling L_Doc2CreateDocument.

L_INT nPageIndex

Zero-based index of the page that will be updated with the recognized characters.

pRECOGCHARS2 pRecogChars

Array of RECOGCHARS2 structures containing the updated, recognized characters.

L_INT32 lCharsCount

Specifies the number of recognized characters in the pRecogChars array.


Value Meaning
SUCCESS The function was successful.
< 1 An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


L_Doc2SetRecognizedCharactersExt updates the recognized characters for the specified recognized page based on the pRecogChars array. The number of updated recognized characters should equal the count passed in lCharsCount.


Be sure to call L_Doc2Recognize / L_Doc2RecognizeExt before calling L_Doc2SetRecognizedCharactersExt.

To get the recognized characters for the specified recognized page, call the L_Doc2GetRecognizedCharacters / L_Doc2GetRecognizedCharactersExt function. To save the recognized characters to a file, call the L_Doc2SaveResultsToFileExt function.

To get the colors of the recognized characters, call the L_Doc2GetRecognizedCharactersColors / L_Doc2GetRecognizedCharactersColorsExt function.


Be sure to free the memory associated with the pRecogChars parameter when it is no longer needed by calling the L_Doc2FreeRecognizedCharacters function.

Required DLLs and Libraries

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