typedef struct _tagOMROptions2 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_BOOL bFill; /* Deprecated, do not use */ 
   DOC2_OMRFRAME Frame; 
   DOC2_OMRSENSE Sense; 
   L_WCHAR FilledRecognitionChar; 
   L_WCHAR UnFilledRecognitionChar; 

The OMROPTIONS2 structure contains options for OMR recognition.



Structure size. Set it to sizeof(OMROPTIONS2).


/* Deprecated, do not use */ If TRUE, the mark is filled (or selected); otherwise, the mark is unfilled (or unselected).


Frame detection method to be used. Specifies whether OMR zone borders will be visible or invisible in the images. For a list of possible values, refer to DOC2_OMRFRAME.


Mark sensitivity level to be used (Default: OMR_SENSE_NORMAL). For a list of possible values, refer to DOC2_OMRSENSE.


Specifies the character to use for a filled OMR field.


Specifies the character to use for an unfilled OMR field.


The default values are:

Member Value Description
Frame DOC2_OMR_AUTO_FRAME Automatic frame detection
Sense DOC2_OMR_SENSE_HIGHEST Highest mark sensitivity

OMROPTIONS2 is used only when the recognition module is DOC2_RECOGMODULE_OMR.

pOMROPTIONS2 is a pointer to an OMROPTIONS2 structure. If the function parameter type is pOMROPTIONS2, declare an OMROPTIONS2 variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pOMROPTIONS2 variable is necessary only if the program requires a pointer.

The structure is used by:

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