Return Codes

The following are the errors that are specifically related to the LEADTOOLS OCR document engine.

Code Value Description
ERROR_DOC_DLL_NOT_LOADED -1200 ScanSoft DLLs are not loaded.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PAGE_INDEX -1201 Specified index is not correct.
ERROR_DOC_INV_FILLMETHOD -1202 Invalid fill method.
ERROR_DOC_INV_RECOG_MODULE -1203 Invalid recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHAR_FILTER -1204 Invalid character filter.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_TYPE -1205 Invalid zone type.
ERROR_DOC_INV_LANGID -1206 Invalid language Id.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SPELL_LANGUAGE -1207 Invalid spell language.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SECTION_ENUMERATION -1208 Invalid enumeration section.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PAGE_COUNT -1209 Invalid page count.
ERROR_DOC_ILLEGAL_CODE -1210 Illegal internal code as a parameter.
ERROR_DOC_INV_PARAMETER -1211 Set parameter is not acceptable.
ERROR_DOC_END_LIST_CODE_PAGES -1212 End of list of the available Code Pages.
ERROR_DOC_LOAD_CODE_PAGE_FILE -1213 Error while loading the Code Page Definition file.
ERROR_DOC_INV_BUFFER_SIZE -1214 The length of the exported code exceeds the buffer size.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHARACTER_CONVERSION -1215 Character conversion is not available for the given character.
ERROR_DOC_INV_CHARACTER_LANGUAGE -1216 Conflict: The selected Code Page does not support some characters in the selected languages. There is no exact code in the Code Page for them.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_CODE_PAGE -1217 Character Set and Code Pages module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_ENGINE -1218 OCR engine initialization error, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_DOC_TERMINATE_ENGINE -1219 OCR engine termination error.
ERROR_DOC_INITIALIZE_WARNING -1220 Module initialization warning.
ERROR_DOC_PROCESS_USER_ABORT -1221 Application has aborted the current process.
ERROR_DOC_FINISH_PROCESS -1222 Application has terminated the current recognition process without losing the recognized text.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_MISSING -1223 Module is not present.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_LOAD -1224 OS could not load a module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_MISSING_ENTRY -1225 Missing entry in a module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_INVALID -1226 Invalid module.
ERROR_DOC_MODULE_INITIALIZE -1227 Module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -1228 The requested function is not available, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_DOC_GENERAL -1229 General error in the engine.
ERROR_DOC_GPF -1230 General Protection Fault in the engine.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_SUPPORT_OS -1231 Not supported operational system.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SETTING_FILE -1232 Syntax error in the specified engine Settings file.
ERROR_DOC_INV_SETTING -1233 Invalid setting.
ERROR_DOC_ENGINE_BUSY -1234 The engine is busy.
ERROR_DOC_RECOGNITION_TIME_OUT -1235 Recognition process Time Out.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_MODULE_SETTING -1236 Internal error in image module.
ERROR_DOC_NO_MEMORY -1237 Not enough memory during image processing.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_DIMENSIONS -1238 Invalid rectangle dimensions.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_RESOLUTION -1239 Non-supported resolution.
ERROR_DOC_CANNOT_COMPRESS_IMAGE -1240 Cannot process compressed image.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_BITMAP -1241 Invalid bitmap address.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_SUPPORT_BPP -1242 Unsupported BitsPerPixel value.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_MODULE -1243 Internal error in image module.
ERROR_DOC_INV_IMAGE_HANDLE -1244 Invalid image handle.
ERROR_DOC_BUFFER_OVERFLOW -1245 Buffer overflow during processing the image.
ERROR_DOC_ACCESS_DENIED -1246 Image operation denied.
ERROR_DOC_NO_MORE_LINES -1247 No more lines in defined image area.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_IMAGE_SIZE -1248 Non-supported image size.
ERROR_DOC_BAD_ENGINE_MANAGER_MODULE -1249 Engine manager module error.
ERROR_DOC_NO_RECOGNIZED_TEXT_AVAILABLE -1250 No recognized text available, either because the zone is empty or the required recognition module has not been initialized properly.
ERROR_DOC_NO_SELECTED_RECOGNITION_MODULE -1251 There is no selected recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_NO_ZONE -1252 There is no zone in the zone list.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_INDEX -1253 Invalid zone index.
ERROR_DOC_INV_ZONE_COORDINATES -1254 Invalid zone coordinates.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_INITIALIZE_MODULE -1255 MOR recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1256 MOR recognition module's knowledge base file not found.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_CORRUPTED -1257 MOR recognition module's knowledge base file corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BASE_FILE_VERSION -1258 Incorrect knowledge base file version.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_IMAGE_SIZE -1259 Size of image is too large.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_FILE_CORRUPTED -1260 File is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_BAD_RECOG_MODULE -1261 Internal error in the MOR recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_MOR_GPF_MODULE -1262 General Protection Fault in the MOR recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_DOT_RECOGNITION -1263 Dot-matrix recognition error.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_CHECKMARK_RECOGNITION -1264 Checkmark recognition error.
ERROR_DOC_HNR_BASE_FILE__CORRUPTED -1265 HNR module's knowledge base file is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_HNR_PARAM_OUT_RANGE -1266 Parameter is out of valid range.
ERROR_DOC_RER_MODULE -1267 Internal error in the RER module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_BASE_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1268 RER module's knowledge base file not found.
ERROR_DOC_RER_CHAR_SET_EMPTY -1269 Character Set is empty for the RER module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_CHAR_SET_NOT_SUPPORTED -1270 The specified Character Set not fully supported by the RER recognition module.
ERROR_DOC_RER_MODULE_NOT_FOUND -1271 RER specific file not found.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_NO_MEMORY -1272 Not enough memory for the SPL module.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_UNINITIALIZED -1273 Uninitialized spell object.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_FILE_OPEN -1274 Spell file open error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_FILE_READ -1275 Spell file read error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_USER_DICTIONARY_WRITE -1276 User dictionary write error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_INV_FILE_FORMAT -1277 Invalid file format.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_INITIALIZE_MODULE -1278 Module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_USER_DICTIONARY_CLOSE -1279 User dictionary close error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ILLEGAL_LANGUAGE_SETTING -1280 Illegal language setting.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_NO_MORE_ITEMS -1281 No more suggestions/items available.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_CHECK_ERROR -1282 Internal checking error.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_ALREADY_EXIST -1283 Item already exists in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_NOT_EXIST -1284 Item does not exist in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_ITEM_NOT_INSERTED -1285 Item was not inserted into the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_SECTION_NOT_EXIST -1286 Section does not exist in the User dictionary.
ERROR_DOC_SPELL_BAD_SYNTEX -1287 Regular expression syntax error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NOT_INITIALIZED -1288 Output format conversion subsystem was not initialized.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CONVERT_NOT_EXIST -1289 No more converters available.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CONVERT_DLL_NOT_EXIST -1290 There is no converter DLL file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_BAD_PARAMETER -1291 Wrong parameter or parameter not found.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_FILE_CORRUPTED -1292 TMP file is corrupted.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CREATE_FILE -1294 Cannot create TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_SEEK_FILE -1295 Cannot seek in TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_READ_FILE -1296 TMP file read error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_WRITE_FILE -1297 TMP file write error.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_CLOSE_FILE -1298 Cannot close TMP file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_LOAD_DLL -1299 Cannot load the DLL file.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_END_OF_FILE -1300 Internal error in ATMTXT module. (End-Of-File detected).
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NO_MEMORY -1301 Not enough memory for ATMTXT/TMP module.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_IMAGE_NOT_AVAILABLE -1302 Image is not available for inserting into the output.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_NOT_REGISTER_INFO_ITEM -1303 Not enough memory to register an info item.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_OPEN -1304 Output file open error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_READ -1305 Output file read error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_NOT_FOUND -1306 Output file not found.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_WRITE -1307 Output file write error.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_INV_COMMAND_SEQUENCE -1308 Invalid command sequence in the ICF file.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_CREATE_FILE -1309 Cannot create the output file.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_NO_MEMORY -1310 Not enough memory for ATMTXT/TXT module.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_INV_DOCUMENT -1311 Invalid document type.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_FILE_TOO_LARGE -1312 File too large.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_WARNING_OUTPUT_FILE -1313 There was a WARNING during the output file conversion.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_ILLEGAL_OPTION -1315 Illegal option specified.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_ENCRYPTED_SOURCE -1316 Encrypted source.
ERROR_DOC_TXT_SEEK_ERROR -1317 Output file seek error.
ERROR_DOC_BRAILLE_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1318 Braille recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MATRIX_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1319 Matrix matching recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_MTX_BAD_INITIALIZATION -1320 M/TEXT recognition module initialization error.
ERROR_DOC_NON_IMPLEMENTED_FEATURE -1321 Non-implemented feature.
ERROR_DOC_NOT_FOUND_ZONE -1322 Couldn't find specific zone.
ERROR_DOC_NO_SELECTED_ZONE -1323 No available selected zone.
ERROR_DOC_EXPORT_PAGE -1324 Cannot export the specified page.
ERROR_DOC_LOCK_PAGE -1325 Cannot lock the specified page.
ERROR_DOC_ACTIVE_PAGE -1326 Cannot set the specified page to be activated.
ERROR_DOC_LOCKED -1327 The OCR document engine is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_OUTPUT_PDF_LOCKED -1328 Output PDF engine is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_LOCKED -1329 OMR Options are locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_ICR_LOCKED -1330 ICR Options are locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_ARABIC_LOCKED -1331 The Arabic OCR document engine is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_REGION -1332 Too many regions result when layout analysis.
ERROR_DOC_NO_HORIZONTAL_BOUNDARY -1333 Top or bottom horizontal line not found.
ERROR_DOC_SLOPE_LINE_TOO_LARGE -1334 The slope of the line is too large.
ERROR_DOC_FRAME_NOT_DETECTED -1335 Frame has not been detected, cannot add virtual line.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_LINES -1336 Too many lines.
ERROR_DOC_TOO_MANY_PAGES -1337 Too many pages in batch processing list.
ERROR_DOC_NO_TABLE -1338 This region is not a table region.
ERROR_DOC_INVALID_TABLE_DATA -1339 This region is a table region but contains no data.
ERROR_DOC_INVALID_FRAME_LINE -1340 This line is not valid (neither horizontal nor vertical or type match).
ERROR_DOC_TOO_LARGE_ANGLE -1341 Angle is too large, cannot rotate image.
ERROR_DOC_ORIENT -1342 Unable to determine orientation.
ERROR_DOC_INV_RDF_FILENAME -1343 Invalid RDF file name.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
ERROR_DOC_ICR_MISSING -1346 ICR Module is missing.
ERROR_DOC_OMR_MISSING -1347 OMR Module is missing.
ERROR_DOC_LANGUAGE_MISSING -1348 Languages files are missing.
ERROR_DOC2_INITIALIZE_ENGINE -1349 OCR Module - OmniPage Engine initialization error, or there is no appropriate license.
ERROR_DOC2_ICR_MISSING -1350 ICR Module is missing for OCR Module - OmniPage Engine.
ERROR_DOC2_OMR_MISSING -1351 OMR Module is missing for OCR Module - OmniPage Engine.
ERROR_DOC2_LANGUAGE_MISSING -1352 Languages files are missing for OCR Module - OmniPage Engine.
ERROR_DOC2_DOTNET30_OR_LATER_MISSING -1354 .NET Framework v3.0 or later is required.
ERROR_DOC2_ASIAN_LOCKED -1542 Asian module is locked.
Your runtime license does not include support for this functionality. Contact LEAD.
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